Kinking Sasunaru- the meme

Like Sasunaru/Narusasu? Like memes? Love kinks?

Well, here is a place to play with your favorite shinobi. Anonymous posters will request a kink on the main meme entry, and it is up to the viewership to complete those requests. The most important rule here is to have some kinky fun~!

Please be sure to read the general rules and guidelines before posting. And if you need help coming up with a kink, check this infamous list of kinks for some inspiration~!

(If you like kink memes, and have a shipping that does not have one, check this comm's profile for information about starting one up with me.)

Be sure to check out and friend kinktheship~! This is our very own archiving profile in which I (and volunteer(s)) list both the unfilled requests and the filled submissions, as well as posting each story individually so you can add it to your memories.

Well. Let's get this thing started, shall we?

(Oh. Remember to track this thread~! And do your best to not only post requests, but post a submission or two as well.)