Kinking Sasunaru

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Kinking the Sasunaru Ship
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For those who like Sasuke and Naruto together and kinky.
Our Way of the Ninja:

Like Sasunaru/Narusasu? Like memes? Love kinks?

Well, here is a place to play with your favorite shinobi. Anonymous posters will request a kink on the main meme entry, and it is up to the viewership to complete those requests. The most important rule here is to have some kinky fun~!

General Rules:

+-This is a community for those who ship Sasuke and Naruto together. Every request and submission must include sasunaru/narusasu.

+-Lurkers are loved~!

+-Incest, AU, OC, femme!/masculine!, clonecest, cross-gen, cross-dress, chan, non-con, side-pairings, OT3+ and anything squick are permitted.

+-Kinks and smut are obviously encouraged! Check out this infamous list of kinks for inspiration.

+-No heterophobia. No sexism. No racism. No xenophobia. No bigotry. No hate.


+-Because this community is open to all kinks, there is a HIGH possibility that there will be a kink you are uncomfortable with or hate with all your guts. However much it might bother you, you must refrain from bashing. Rudeness of any kind will not be tolerated.

+-No advertising.

+-No off-topic posts without mod permission.

+-ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM. This will result in banning.

+-X-posting is permitted, as is combining the request with other communities' challenges/prompts. Feel free to say where you are also posting it. And please make sure to add sasunaru_kink to your intro wherever you do post!

+-Please refrain from posting old drabbles, or sections of your other fictions. The point of the community to be inspired by the requester, and posting old stuff goes against the spirit of sasunaru_kink.

+-Please comment~! Everyone likes to hear what you thought of their work. (Remember: NO BASHING. If you don't like the kink, DO NOT READ IT.) I will not ban you for not allowing comments on a post, but I will be highly, highly annoyed.

+-Breaking rules is a sad thing. If something doesn't seem right, I will send a warning, and you must remove the comment/post (unless you convince me that it was actually appropriate). If I see that you are repeatedly doing something against the rules, I will ban. (Please don't make me! I wanna be a nice mod~!) If you feel like someone is breaking the rules, please feel free to tell me. I will not name you, and it would be nice to have help keeping this community nice~!

Kinking Guidelines
Note: I used kakairu_kink as a model. (Go check it out if that floats your ship!)

+-Shipping: Yet again, this is a community to kink Sasunaru/Narusasu. This is the only shipping you may request. That being said, you may have whatever side pairings as you want. (If you wish to write for a different shipping, check the "Other Nonsense" section at the bottom of the profile for more information.)

+-Content: You may have any sort of request. You may ask for the hardest of BDSM or the fluffiest of moments. If you specifically want sex included, make sure to mention that in the request. For those filling a request, feel free to interpret the prompt as you want, just make sure that it does meet the poster's wants. For inspiration, be sure to check out this infamous list of kinks.

+-Length: Your submission can be any length.

+-Beta: Having a beta is not necessary, but editing is greatly encouraged. No crazy CAP LOCK stuff, or other formatting oddities. I am lenient about this, but if anything is really bugging me, I'll send you a message.

+-Format of request:
+-->Anonymity: YOU MUST POST A REQUEST ANONYMOUSLY. No exceptions.
+-->Heading: You may add a heading if you so wish. Please make it short and sweet.
+-->Body: It should be as follows, but you do not have to follow this format:
kink: Here, add whatever must be included in the submission. Make sure to include if you want sex included.
minor: Here, add whatever you may like to see. Try not to be too specific.

+-Format of submission:
+-->Anonymity: It is up to you whether or not you wish to be anonymous or not.
+-->Cut: You can either post the fiction on the meme, or link it to your personal journal, another site, etc. Do not friend-lock an entry.
+-->Heading: You may add a heading if you so wish. It should be either "Re:(title of kink request)" or the title of your fiction.
+-->Body: As long as you keep it clean and organized, anything is fine.

+-Multiple Submissions: Just because someone has already written for a particular request does not mean you cannot also fill it out. Feel free to answer whatever prompt you want~!


Afflicates and Kink Memes

+-AkatSaku Kink Meme: This meme is open to ALL pairings and ALL kinks, as long as they involve both an Akatsuki member and Haruno Sakura.
+-kakairu_kink: A kink meme community for Kakashi/Iruka.
+-kinky_potter: A kink meme community for the Harry Potter series.
+-naruto_meme: This community houses monthly anonymous Naruto writing memes.
+-queershinobi100: For those who like boys with boys with kunai, and girls with girls with shuriken.

Other Nonsense

+-Tell everyone you know about this humble little community~! All you need is to like sasunaru/narusasu to enjoy. I hope to have as many kinks/posters represented as possible, and every shipper helps~!

+-Have a shipping that you really, really wish had a kink meme? I am willing to host whatever kink mime you feel can be properly responded to. So, preferably, the shipping would be popular and/or semi-popular. It could be for whatever fandom (keeping it within Naruto-verse would be nice, though) and shipping. I will host it, but it will most likely be up to the requester to pimp the community. Contact me if you are interested~!

+-I am doing my best to keep up with posting all submissions, placing them under tags, and putting them on the master list. Note that, in order to avoid my own prejudice, I order the names of the kink alphabetically.

+-If you want to become an affiliate and/or have a link here to show support, just tell me! There is virtually nothing Naruto-related yaoi/yuri I will refuse.

+-Have questions? Have recommendations for bettering this community? Is there something you need to whine about? Have an icon you think I might want to use? Is someone breaking the rules? Want a hug? Contact me, your lovable mod, at faorism or kinktheship~!

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